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Fri, Mar 23, 2012 1:20 AM


Photoshop: In the timeline move the playhead to the first frame of a newly created clip

This come from a forum thread were I was asking questions about the sc6 timeline in regards to animation and storyboarding. question #(4)

I think it would be very helpful if the user had the option of having the playhead automatically jump to the first frame of a newly created clip/layer rather than just the default behavior where it stays put. This would be very helpful when doing graphical work like animation or storyboarding since the current workflow mandates having to move the playhead manually for every drawing. This workflow is time consuming an distracts you from focussing on the work. It also gets confusing on longer layer heavy projects and breaks your drawing rhythm.

I imagine there could be a checkbox option for this in the timeline menu box or as pop up box when holding the option key and hovering over the timeline.


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8 years ago

I think I agree
Do you mean when I have selected layer in a Video group when I press new layer the playhead should automatikally jump to the first frame of the new layer?