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Tue, Feb 27, 2018 8:48 PM


Photoshop: "Image Rotation" should be called "Canvas Rotation"

Basis of this opinion: Photoshop offers "Image resize" which resizes the image, but not the canvas. Photoshop offers "Canvas resize" to resize the canvas. However, the feature "Image Rotation" rotates the canvas, not the image. Also, under the "image rotation" menu is "flip canvas". The terms canvas and image should be used consistently throughout the UI.


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3 years ago

From photoshop 4 thru photoshop cs3 it was and then adobe changed it to the present menu names starting with photoshop cs4.

Why, i guess only adobe can answer that.


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3 years ago

Image rotation rotates the image physically ( = it really rotates the image and not only the canvas). Since CS4 you also can rotate the canvas virtually with the rotate-view-tool (it does not alter the image, it just changes the view). Therefore IMHO the current terms are absolutely fine and correct.