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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 1:50 PM


Photoshop Idea: Apply function/filter etc. on all open documents

In production workflows you often need to perform the same tasks on many documents. I know I can record actions and batch process images but that's way too slow for certain things and really breaks the flow when you're working. Imagine I have 10 open documents and I want to sharpen and then convert them to sRGB. As I said, of course I can record an action but 10 minutes later I would like to blur another set of images and convert them to AdobeRGB. Or maybe I want add a few filters in quick succession to all of the images. But the filter combination is so specific to the project that – again – an action is not the best tool.

So why not add a modifier key or maybe a checkbox in order to be able to perform functions, filters, etc. on all open documents?

Of course there are many cases when this won't work: filters work different with different doc sizes, different color spaces, bit depth whatever – but that doesn't mean it's not helpful in many other situations I think.


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