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Sun, Jan 28, 2018 5:51 PM

Photoshop: I need to open a file over which I worked for a long time

Recently Ireviewed my past work and discovered a terrible failure - the work that wasvery important for me did not open in photoshop 2017.0.1 The program wrote anerror: File can’t be opened. I'm in disappointment. I can not imagine how this happened. Is it possible to restore the file now?


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3 years ago

Make sure you didn't close the file and then renamed it and changed it from a .psd to any other file type by just retyping '.tiff' or any other file type in the unopened file. I've done that numerous times and realized that the only way you can change a file name when it isn't open, is the part in front of the '.' . If you want to 'save as', you can change the type of file that way only.

IF you did, go in on the unopened file and return its type to what it was and it should open fine.

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3 years ago

Photoshop stores the files it is working on in a temporary folder on your computer. You can probably your repair psd file, although it might require a little digging to do so.

1. Open "My Computer" from your desktop. Double-click your hard drive.

2. Open "Documents and Settings."

3. Open the folder labeled with your user name.

4. Open "Local Settings" followed by "Temp."

5. Scroll down to the files beginning with "Photoshop" ("PS" for older Photoshop CS builds). This will be followed by a series of letters and numbers.

6. Double-click each "Photoshop" ("PS") temp file to open them in Photoshop CS. This is the only way to identify which temp file contains the project you wish to recover. Luckily, because when Photoshop shuts properly it deletes its temp files, there should be no more than three or four.

7. Select "Save As" from the "File" menu when you find the temp file you want. This will make the file permanent.



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3 years ago

And from now on, make regular backups...

Johan W. Elzenga,