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Sun, Aug 13, 2017 12:49 PM

Photoshop: I can't find my picture when trying to upload

This is my first time using photoshop and I am trying to upload a picture. I have the background set, but whenever I press File and then Open and I search for the picture it's never there! When I look in my files outside of Photoshop, the picture is there. I also notice that most of the pictures on my computer are not on Photoshop.


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4 years ago

When you save a photo to your PC you usually pick a place to save it. In windows there is a picture directory. On my PC I have thousands of photos in the pictures directory. I also have a  directory called Adobe for which I store my PSD files in. When opening a Jpeg in photoshop I usually right click it and choose open with photoshop, Or in Photoshop I choose open, find the directory and click on the photo I want to edit. 

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2 years ago