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Tue, Jul 2, 2019 1:02 PM

Photoshop: How to do this colors
i like to know how to do such colours what filter used thanks


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a year ago

It seems a mixture of filters "bright edges, contours with ink, plastic, stained glass..." it's possible that the colors have also been achieved by playing with the HDR of images RAW, color layers saturated, degraded...

My opinion is that It's a mixture of multiple filters found in Photoshop and working time. It's possible that there is a third party psychedelic plugin or action that does it faster, but I don't. Think it's more artisanal than it has done.

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a year ago

I think it would take several steps in Photoshop itself to get that look. It won't be any single filter. It probably is more than one filter even in another app, but you could try Topaz Studio's AI ReMix as a starting point. It applies art images to your image so your image adopts the source image's style and coloring. Those images look like the results I've seen frequently from that particular Adjustment in TS. It's still not a pushbutton effect. You'll need to modify the results to suit your image, and quite probably throw in other effects into the mix.