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Fri, Jul 15, 2011 1:46 AM


Photoshop: How do you resize your picture?

I do a lot of newspaper articles for 2 clubs that I belong to and have recently been getting my articles back telling me that the pictures must be at least 1500x900 pixel size. I have tried to change the pixel size to this but can not get it to this size. How can I do it and how can I tell what pixel size the picture is that I have taken & loaded to my computer?
Thanks to everyone that can help me.


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9 years ago

Here's the section on resizing images from the Photoshop User Manual:

Image size and resolution

Note: There's a step-by-step video tutorial at the top of the page in the link above.

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9 years ago

In what product?

In Photoshop, you could crop the document to a specific size, or change it via Image Size (with resampling enabled).

If your image is smaller than the required sizes, then you should not resample it up -- that will just result in blurry images. Instead you should shoot at a higher resolution and crop or resize down.

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9 years ago

There are many ways to get the pixel dimensions of an image. Here are a few:

On Windows, right-click the file, go to Properties, and then to the Summary tab. If everything is blank (or you don't see the dimensions), make sure you are viewing the Advanced properties (click the Advanced button at the bottom). While this doesn't work for all image formats, it works with the more common types: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG.

Same trick on Mac: right-click (Command-click) the file, got to Get Info, and then to the More Info section.

Within Photoshop, the dimensions can be found in Image>Image Size. Additionally, you can enable "Document Dimensions" in the Info Panel Options.

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9 years ago

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