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Tue, Nov 24, 2020 9:17 PM


Photoshop: How do I run an action on several open files?


I digitize thousands of slides and they normally require some artifact removal and sharpening in Photoshop. I made an action to do this in Photoshop, that ends with my being returned to the layer panel of that image, on a blank layer to use the Spot Healing Brush tool.

e.g. From Lightroom I opened 12 files in Photoshop (with Lightroom Adjustments) and I want to run the same action on all of them, and then do final touch ups after that, then save as jpegs overwriting the originals.

I've been running my action individually on each open image then closing that one and going to the next, etc.

I'd like to use Automate/Batch to run the same action on all the open files but I can't figure out how to select all of them at once.

Could someone please let me know if there is way to do this.

Note, I don't really want to export all the files to a folder, then run the action in batch on that folder, then have to copy those files back to the original folder, overwriting them, because that is laborious and it causes me to have open them again in Photoshop to do the rest of the edits on them. I just need a way to select all the already opened files in Photoshop and batch run the action on them,

Thanks in advance.


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2 months ago

Have you tried this option in Batch? 

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Ya, that is a good option to process all files in batches.

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Thank you Jeffrey! 

I just did all 32 slides from one box in like 1/20th the time it took before.

This will save countless hours of clicking away on each image.

Much obliged! Sometimes I don't see the trees for the forest!