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Tue, Nov 1, 2016 12:45 PM

Photoshop: How do I contact support?

No way to send you an e-mail and I can not get help when I need... I have realised every single step to download the Creative Cloud what ever, but the Photoshop and Illustrator still not be downloadable and I can not get an online service to understand why... Maybe the program is the best in the market but I can not say the same thing for after sales... sorry.


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4 years ago

Don't blame you for the frustration. Adobe has a lot of fixes to address and your not one of them. Your online service is not the problem it is Adobe Creative Cloud. Try using another cloud. I don't typically use any cloud but do use 12 TB of external hard drives to backup but with only 600 photos I think a 2 TB external hard drive is your solution. I never went to CC and will not for the fact that you are forever paying Adobe for something. 

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4 years ago

You can contact support here:

I've asked an agent to follow up with you directly.

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4 years ago

I accidentally purchased illustrator on the yearly plan and meant to get
the monthly plan, I have been getting photoshop and illustrator for the past two years on monthly plans and didn't realize that this time I got illustrator on the yearly plan.  I called Adobe support when the bill was due to cancel it and they told me it was a yearly plan and that I cannot cancel it.  I explained that I thought I bought it on the monthly plan like I have done for the past two years and I want to cancel it but they would not listen to me, I asked to speak to a manager and to no avail.  Other organizations will work with me on issues such as this, why is Adobe so hard to get along with?  The only support seems to be overseas call centers.