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Fri, Feb 1, 2019 2:42 PM

Photoshop: History State Toggling (aka Undo/Redo or Before/After) has suffered from nerfing?

Hi everyone,

The end of a long project means I've just recently updated to 20.0.2, and I'm having some trouble with the Toggle Last State function.


Old behaviour:

In my previous version, 18.1.6, you could undo multiple steps then use Ctrl-Z to toggle back and forth between your new point in history and the latest point in history. In the shortcuts menu this was called "Undo/Redo". This was great for comparing chunks of changes to a painting.

Here's an example:

Legacy Shortcuts Gif Opgif


New behaviour:

In the new version of Photoshop, "Undo/Redo" seems to have been replaced with "Toggle Last State", which has extremely limited function. It will only toggle one history instance, and only if that instance is the latest history log. This limited function also completely stops working as soon as you jump to any other point in history - even if you return to the latest point.

That might be hard to understand through text, so here's an example:

New Shortcuts Gif Opgif


In a nutshell, state toggling has suffered from reduced functionality, and only works in one very specific circumstance, rendering it quite useless compared to its previous function. You can see from the gif above where Ctrl-Alt-Z stops responding completely once I've moved around in the history. I've Googled for other reports on this and was very surprised to find none; I'm really sure anybody painting with Photoshop would immediately hit this limitation.


So what's the problem?

  1. At best, Toggle Last State will only ever toggle a single history instance.
  2. Toggle Last State stops working completely if you've used Ctrl-Z, until you perform a new action.
  3. Toggle Last State will not resume working even if you click Ctrl-Shift-Z up to the latest history point (this one is definitely a bug)


All this behaviour can be completely reversed by checking "Use Legacy Undo Shortcuts", but that's just avoiding the issue. The new Ctrl-Z functionality is awesome! But please can I have my fully-featured state toggling back?


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2 y ago

I AGREE! Why have we lost so much functionality with the latest Photoshop updates? (or at the very least made it more cumbersome and less productive) It's like we are going backwards. Maybe someone from Adobe can explain—does it have anything to do with iPad Pro, Apple Pencil? and the iOS cross-platform functionality? If this is the case can't something be added to switch to Legacy functions as has been done with some past versions of Photoshop?  



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2 y ago

Yes, this is unfortunately what happens when people who don't regularly use Photoshop make feature requests and the change is implemented without a thorough testing of every single ripple created by the change. The undo/redo behavior has been optimized/refined over the decades to accommodate all sorts of workflows and making this 'small' adjustment was inevitably going to cause many behaviors to break.

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2 y ago

I personally love the new multi-undo change.
But the new "History State Toggle" was created to fill the gap from the old undo functionality, and unfortunately it seems to be a little bit half-featured.

Please, from the bottom of my heart, can we beef up this History Toggle feature a little bit.

Unfortunately I'll have to work with the "Legacy Undo" switch turned on for painting. I don't want to! But I can't go without my history toggling! :(