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Thu, Aug 28, 2014 3:23 PM


PHOTOSHOP: Highlight First Field When Making New Adjustment Layer

I would love to have Photoshop automatically highlight\focus on the first field in the Properties panel when making a new adjustment layer. I can assign a keyboard shortcut to create a new Adjustment Layer which is good, but then I have to use the mouse to click on the first field to start entering values, which is bad. So for example, make a new Levels layer, the shadow field should be selected so I can immediately type in a value or cursor\Shift-Cursor and Tab to the others like usual.


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6 years ago

Sorry bad idea: I have the converse problem with Photoshop CC 2014.
Even because there is already such a automatic highlight on the first field:
whenever I click on that layer all short cuts and all key controls are BLOCKED! It is a serious bug.
On former Photoshop versions I have been able to go quickly through all layers and could change there transparency just with a click on the number keys. In Photoshop CC 2014 the first field is automatically highlighted, which means that any key entry is in that field. And using any function key like "F1" is not possible.
I have ALWAYS manually to deselect that field, for being able to work properly with my key pad. And often the adjusted value gets lost, because you enter for e.g. "5" to get 50% transparency and the number changes the first field.
Quite often I don't want to enter something in the first field but in a different column of that adjustment layer – BUT now the field still even then is highlighted. So, I just hope their will be a repair on this bug...
this is a screenshot while I am changing the values below (not "Cyan" field!), but field stays highlighted and blocks all other key controls und function keys.