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Mon, May 11, 2020 1:09 PM

Photoshop: Gradient color change when opening the file

Hi !

I got that issue for two days. I created a file on photoshop cs6. It contains many layers, some of them are shape layers filled with gradient. I worked for few days into the file (by opening and saving it daily or more). But now, when I opened it, many gradient shape take a new color, the one on the color selector. Then, when my color selector is on a purple color when photoshop is started, the layers take a purple color (instead of blue as initially chosen, for example).

That issue only occured with gradient initially composed with foreground or background color. Not with other gradients.

Here is a print screen (the circle should be blue, but when I opend it with puprle selected, it appeared purple...)

Please find my file here.

Or a lighter file (with same problem) here

Thank you for your help !




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1 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled photoshop: gradient layer assumes current foreground color on opening.

I recently came across a threadégradés-changent-de-couleur-tout-seuls/m-p/11124196?pa...
about a curious issue: Gradient Layers in psd-files that assume the current Foreground color on opening. 

The poster used CS6 so I appreciate that it cannot be addressed on the application level but they provided files for testing. 
And the issue persists when opening the files in Photoshop 2020. 

So my question is: Should a psd-file be able to contain Gradient Layers which do not store their original color but take Photoshop’s current Foreground Color? 

Attached screenshots of one of the files ludivdbig provided 
• opened with »Read Composite Data«
• and once opened with its Layers (note the Foreground Color in the Toolbar). 

Thanks for any input. 


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1 y ago

Thanks. I've asked engineering to investigate.