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Wed, May 24, 2017 5:33 AM

Photoshop glitches

I have recently downloaded photoshop free trial on a brand new Mac and it has lots of little issues, when I try to select a layer (on auto select) it selects lots of layers, it also sometimes only lets me move something up or down (as if the shift key is held down) and when I duplicate something using the alt shortcut it won't turn off, therefore duplicates each layer I touch. Its like its just not downloaded properly. Its also slow at times and faster at other times?? Please help!


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4 years ago

Just a few thoughts.
-Selection problem: Make sure you don't have "Group" selected when working with the move tool. Check your auto selection settings as well. They're both in the toolbar at the top of Photoshop, right below the menus.
- Moving up or down and duplication problem: Could it be that you have some kind of sticky-key feature enabled?
- Sometimes slow issue: It would help to learn what kind of operations are slow and which are fast. But please uncheck "Use graphics Processor" in the preferences under Performance.

Maybe you had another version of Photoshop installed. You could try cleaning your preferences or consider uninstall everything and re-install from scratch.

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4 years ago

Howdy Bronwyn,

I agree with Alex's suggestions, but I also wonder if you have a tablet connected or some application that does screen captures.  For the duplication problem, it sounds like you're having a keyboard issue, which is often caused by a side-car app misbehaving.

As for performance, at launch, Photoshop is doing a lot of things and accessing the internet.  Wait a minute or so and then you should get an accurate picture of the performance.  Similarly, when you first access the Type tool, things will be slow for a few seconds as your fonts are enumerated, but after that you should be in business.

Hope that helps,