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Thu, Jun 9, 2011 5:54 PM

Photoshop: Get me the true media painting ability of Painter in Photoshop!

I am sure many have begged for this over and over. PLEASE find a way to have the paint engine begave like Painter, for natural emulation of painting with traditional media. Countless people switch back and forth and suffer using Painter only to go into Photoshop later. They do this because of the brushes and the behavior of the paint and media, emulating that of true watercolor, oil, pencil, and so much more. Photoshop is superior in veery way. If you could just cover this basis, there would never be any need for ANYONE to ever use ANY other Paint/Graphics program. Granted Photoshop started for Photo editing, but you know full well it is used beyond - far beyond - what it's original intent was, and your loyal users, have always needed and wanted paint tools that behave like those in Painter. You MUST do this. I have been using photoshop since version 1...back in the 90's. I am illustrating a childrens book, and would so desperately like brushes that behaved like Painter (which is a program I abandoned long ago because it's interface and functionality are absolutely impossible to become comfortable with....not an efficient professional tool at all....but the brushes behavior, and media styles emulation are unreal)
Want to make Photoshop even bigger that it is,then PLEASE do something about the Paint Engine to make it behave like Painter. Save us and enhance our ability to find and create work of all kinds using only your program. It is vital to the photoshop users to have you finally get this kind of painting ability in Photoshop that Painter has. It will change everything for professional digital painters, and you will dominate beyond what you even do now of the market. You will be proclaimed Heros, for combining the abilities that painter and photoshop have. Look at any forum or article that comes up with the search "painter vs. photoshop"....





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9 years ago

Heather, have you tried CS5? go to or (yes, one of the creators of Painter, working with CS5 brushes...) and look at what can be done.

It would be useful, too, to be more descriptive than "behave like painter", explain what peculiar attributes are missing and block your creative endeavours? The engineering team needs clear examples rather than vague statements to be able to help you.

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9 years ago

I explain it: The brush engine difference between painter and photoshop is huge. quite the same when painting with mouse or tablet pen.