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Tue, Aug 14, 2018 5:14 AM


Photoshop: Generate Bump Map Filter Suggestions

problems of / suggestions for Photoshop Generate Bump Filter:

1. add preview as bump on original diffuse texture! why is it not there!!!!!
1b. option to use a layer as diffuse for preview
1c. choose material properties on the fly (colour, roughness) silver is not easy to the eyes.

2. add reflection map mode! simply use the same tool to preview reflection maps ;)

3. add displacement preview (with scale)

4. remember and apply last used preview settings (sphere, tilling, colour etc)

5. add simple plane object. (like texture map but showing bump)

6. add pan/rotate/zoom etc tool change using modifiers (alt ctrl etc)

7a. aggressive (too sharp) texture antialising in preview, especially with sharp textures and when tiling (appears only above 0.7 tilling so maybe a mipmap or open gl settings issue, affected more by tilling than zooming out). blur solves preview problem but obviously blurs output.
7b. no antialiasing in object shilouette, looks like standard adobe acrobat reader, any settings?

This simple filter does a great job with it's 3 detail zone splitting, but without diffuse and displacement preview the only workflow is to create a 3D depth layer, then go edit its depth, save and go back to preview. This is not only slow as a workflow, it gets even slower by (bug?) slow saving times, and freezing when returning back to the document for preview (preview updates instantly, but we get a loading circle for no reason)

happy coding ;)


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