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Sun, Apr 7, 2019 6:29 AM

Photoshop Freezing

Photoshop keeps giving me lag spikes every 10-20mins or so, while I work on digital artwork.

My PC is very much up to spec and I've already ran a few tests (CPU and GPU), with no issues. I haven't done others as I don't have this issue outside of photoshop, so I highly doubt it's my PC's hardware.

- The spikes seem to happen while I switch brushes.

- I can do anything outside of photoshop during the spikes. Typically I just wait out the freeze and hope it responds again.

- I'm using a Wacom intuos tablet. It's all up to date.

- I use no plugins and all my settings are default.


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2 y ago

Same here. Newest PS, Wacom Intuos. Had A Huion Q11Kv2 before. Exactly the same symptoms. Everything worked fine except the freezes when painting. So please people, stop saying, it's definitely the tablets! Unfortunately we can't completely exclude them, but maybe we start the debug on an other end instead of blaming just another company and call it fixed?!

I don't even have to switch brushes, it just occurs while I'm painting. Photoshop doesn't respond for about 5 - 20 seconds while all the rest of the OS is working just fine!

My workstation is newest generation hardware. I don't see the error here either. Since every other software works without lags or freezes in any way.