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Wed, Feb 20, 2019 5:25 PM

Photoshop: Freeze/Crash when Export Artboards to File/PDF

I am unable to export artboards through Files/Export/Artboard to ... without a hard crash
They all results in complete freeze with no error message.
However it works in seconds if I "Quick export as png".

I'm on CC2019 v20.0.3, I have tried to downgrade to v19.1.7 too.
For some reason my colleague on Mac can export the exact PSD without any issue.
So I'm wondering if there's any known issue related to PC users with Nvidia graphic card (GTX1080)?

I have tried different PSDs, save to different paths, all sort of setting changes and no use.
Please help.


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2 years ago

If you haven't done so already, please submit all Crash Reports along with your email address along with a description of what caused the crash:

What OS/version are you running on?

Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Digital Imaging