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Wed, Apr 4, 2012 7:56 PM


Photoshop: Free Transform - ability to set Maintain Aspect Ratio as default

In Photoshop, it would be nice when "free transforming" a layer that the "maintain aspect ratio" lock button would maintain the previous setting, or some other way to set the default mode. I'm frustrated that I have to click it each time I'm resizing a bunch of items individually. Thanks.


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2 y ago

The solution to the problem could be quite straight forward, I think:

First use the behaviour like it was until PS CC 2018.

Then just leave the chain-button sticky. Means, if clicked once it will also be active if one is using the transform tool (command or ctrl + T) later again.

So people who prefer the old way of pressing (shift-key) to scale objects proportional in both dimensions will have this button 'unclicked'.

All others who prefer always having scaled objects without distortions always have this chain-button 'clicked' and so don’t need to press any qualifier key (unless they want to distort deliberately).

And the icing of the cake would be a preferences setting to tell if you want to reset the 'chain-button' every time you make a transformation, or have it sticky all the time (leaving the 'chain-button' in its last user selected state.

This should make all people happy (hope I haven’t overlooked anything).


– Make the 'chain-button' sticky (keep user selected state) (if never clicked state would be turned off like it was in Photoshop all the years, so to scale proportionally 'shift-key' must be pressed.

– Make a Preferences Setting for having the 'chain-button' always sticky or reset after every use (behaviour as it was before and is right now).

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2 y ago

The problem is that this item was marked as implemented when it never was. Hannah Nicollet (Quality Engineer) and Adobe failed to understand the problem, left it a mess and moved on.

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2 y ago

Maybe somebody opens a new thread? If this is marked as "implemented", nobody will care.

I have the problem especially with smart objects and can't understand why it wasn't possible to just only make a button "sticky". (and shift toggles that temporary). Important would be the consistency. The simplest solutions need no learning and are often the best.