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Tue, Jan 14, 2020 1:23 PM

Photoshop: Forgot to migrate presets

I didn't mark the option to migrate previous settings from Photoshop while updating. Therefore I don't have all the presets installed. How can I fix this?


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1 y ago

Is your last version still installed?

Btw please consider voting for this feature request:

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1 y ago

That is odd... which version are you using. I haven't seen a checkbox for migrating presets for ... well, a long time. It happens automatically for me. I'm using the subscription version and have the  21.0.2 release. And yes, if you kept the previous version  I believe you should be able to update that with your presets.

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1 y ago

The Creative Cloud desktop app is responsible for migrating presets. If you've installed Photoshop via 'other' methods, that's probably the reason they weren't migrated.

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