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Thu, Dec 13, 2018 1:45 PM

Photoshop: Fonts activated in FontBase aren't recognized if FontBase is initiated after Photoshop is already open

Windows 10
Photoshop 20.0.1

Photoshop refuses to see fonts activated, using FontBase, if FontBase is initiated after Photoshop is already open.
The solution is very inconvenient - I need to save and close all my open Photoshop documents, close Photoshop, re-open Photoshop, and re-open all documents.

Extensis Suitcase didn't have this issue in the past.
It may, with the current version of Photoshop, but I doubt it. I haven't tried it. I switched to FontBase because Suitcase stopped working for me about a year ago.

So, with Photoshop already open, and all my complex ~1,000 layer documents open, doing a large website, if I forget to have already opened FontBase first, I'm screwed.
I have to stop what I'm doing - save and close everything. I lose my history panel entries, I lose my place in what I'm doing, I lose time.
Strangely though, when I start up FontBase with Photoshop already running, and tab back to Photoshop, Photoshop does do the standard hangup thing where it seems to freeze for a moment, like it always does after activating fonts, scanning new fonts etc.
Photoshop had always done that when I used Extensis Suitcase. So this behavior I count as normal.
despite the momentary pause, Photoshop is STILL not seeing the new fonts.

I tried some of these things:
-turning off Font Preview in Photoshop preferences
-delete the Photoshop font cache
-delete the system font cache 

After making the above changes, it got worse - Photoshop now automatically substitutes missing fonts when I attempt to edit a text layer.
I'm no longer getting a warning alerting me that the font being used is missing or asking me if I want to proceed with applying the substitution.

If something whacky happened and all of my text layers were updated to have substitutions it would be a MAJOR setback, as I'd need to manually change them all back to their correct fonts one by one, and some construction specs have already been output (for this current website project).

Managing fonts has been a pain since day 1.

I ditched Extensis Suitcase because it simply stopped working with my Photoshop.

I now use FontBase, which does function IF I start it BEFORE Photoshop, but is sometimes highly inconvenient.


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2 years ago

Thanks. I'll try and contact that developer and see where the issue is.

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Thanks, Jeff!