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Mon, Jan 6, 2020 10:18 AM

Photoshop: Fix brush lag and fix Win Ink completely

After Photoshop introduced smoothing, even with 0% smoothing, the pen has a much greater lag than it had before. As if 0% smoothing still has smoothing slightly turned on. Going back to a photoshop BEFORE the smoothing feature was added, photshop has much better responsiveness. 

Another great problem, which I expect will never be fixed, but I wish would be taken seriously by Adobe: Photoshop has never worked properly using Windows INK and any serious artist has to "hack" photoshop to use the old/outdated and slow WinTab to get proper responsiveness. The main issues with Win INK is that it always has a millisecond lag for every stroke you take + every menu button or other than the drawing on the canvas has an even greater lag with annoying overlay cursor animations that you simply can't turn off. This is AFTER you have turned off all of Win INK overlay effects. Other art softwares has managed to implement Windows INK in a good way, which proves it's possible, but in Photoshop it has NEVER worked properly! Which is a shame because it's the default driver on windows and more optimized than WinTab, so it depressing that we all have to find workarounds and degrade our drivers to something that is suppose to be obsolete because of this.


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