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Thu, May 30, 2019 9:47 PM


Photoshop: File Save Queue

I've dealt with the "Could not complete the Save As command because the document is currently being saved in the background" dialog box for years, long before CC, so now I'm officially making this request.

Here is the problem,
1. Save PSD that is large enough to not immediately save.
2. Hit "Save As" since I plan to switch it to PNG or otherwise to export.
3. I get the error dialog because the PSD hasn't finished saving yet. By the time I click "OK", it's finished saving almost every time though, and I have to go back to "Save As".

Why is there not a Photoshop Save Queue like in many other Adobe products? In fact, I know there's one programmed in already, because if I save 2 different PSD files, it does say "saving 2 files" in the bottom left, but this doesn't work on the same PSD.

This seems like such a small thing that I've never mentioned it, but I realized today that it's become such an annoyance that it's now my most requested feature (next only to adding the "search" feature in "help" on Mac to PC as well).

I would upload a video example or photo example, but it says "Internal Server Error" when I try to.

Let me know if you don't understand what I'm talking about and I'll give more info!





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2 y ago

i understand what you're saying, but what you're asking for doesn't make sense. You can't save a file as another file without first saving the original file...

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I understand that's how it looks on the surface, but that's not true, it's not how Photoshop processes document saves, and it's not a limitation on multiple other Adobe products.

- Photoshop files are temp saved in RAM like most programs, otherwise you wouldn't be able to do anything without starting with "Save As" from the beginning.
- Consider an After Effects project where items are added to the render queue to save when the other render has finished.
- Furthermore, the second action is a "Save As", which is specifically not pulling from anywhere but the currently open document saved to ram. As proof, if I was to wait until the "Save" function completed, then deleted some text or changed the document and then used "Save As", is it pulling from the document that was saved before the change, or the document currently open with the changes made? Obviously the one with the changes made, which is a separate document because the changes are being temp saved to ram.