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Thu, Jan 16, 2020 10:03 PM


Photoshop: Export PNG at 300dpi

Photoshop I’m not here to complain I’d really like 2 things in photoshop first save multiple layers at 300 dpi in any format jpg png right now it only saves at 72 dpi for multiple layers. I know u can do this as a script action but I cannot get it to work it’s a pain in the but. Also I see you made a pattern toolIn illustrator please upgrade photoshop to make seamless patterns less of a chore for both solid back grounds and adding objects that tile over like several pieces of clipart that tile seamless. Right now making textures with clip art overlays in photoshop seamless is to much repetition working .


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2 y ago

You save a jpg or png with layers? Pls advise how you achieved that, tnx.