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Mon, Feb 3, 2020 9:58 PM

Photoshop: Export Layers to File naming change

I was very happy, oh a year or so ago, to discover the "Export Layers To Files" feature and I use it almost daily. I have one issue with the File Naming protocol. While I can set my own File Name Prefix: (which by default picks up the PSD file name, and the be default it uses the layer name as the Suffix which is super useful. It's the bit in between that throws me which is where it adds numbering based on the layer order. 

Starting with _0000_ and going sequentially, so 7 layers, goes from 0000 to 00006. However, that always comes out backwards for my usage. It identifies the top layer to 0000 and bottom layer as 0006. In some usages that might be ideal but if I have the numbers there, I'd like them to be in reverse order, bottom layer being 0000 and top layer being 0006. 

This logic would actual follows one of Photoshops default features, when you create a new layer it goes above the one that is below it and Default layer labelling numbers go up as you make new layers.

See in this example that when the images are placed in a folder, they appear opposite how I would want them to be:
Test_0000_Layer 4
Test_0001_Layer 3
Test_0002_Layer 2
Test_0003_Layer 1

Would love to see a tick box added to reverse (or even remove the added 0000 numbering). 

In which case I could export with the reverse number so i get:
Test_0000_Layer 1
Test_0001_Layer 2
Test_0002_Layer 3
Test_0003_Layer 4

O export without numbers and get:
Test_Layer 1
Test_Layer 2
Test_Layer 3
Test_Layer 4

Stumbled on how the JSX script can edited but looks like I would have to do this fix every time the application was updated. 

Anyways, just a suggestion I wanted to pass along!


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