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Wed, Sep 25, 2019 8:46 PM

Photoshop: Event Scripts Manager - "slct,Dcmn" event bug

Good day!

I think I have found a bug that maximizes a floating photoshop document when clicking on its title bar if listening for the slct,Dcmn series of events on Windows 10.

Utilizing "Event Scripts Manager"(figure 1), I have created an event that triggers an extendscript to run.  This extendscript is not attached however, since the bug occurs with anything you want triggered to happen.  It could be another script, or an action, or anything. For your testing purposes, you could just add the Clean Listener.jsx script to be played, and the bug will still occur.

The event series I listen for is slct,Dcmn, which is "select" then "Document", so that whenever the user selects another document to go to, the event series triggers x to occur. 

I usually work in floating document mode, and I often switch to another document by clicking on its title bar first, thus making that window the active window.  Clicking on the title bar will cause that window to maximize, as if I had double clicked it.  Clicking within the floating documents window will not cause the window to maximize.

I think this is a bug?  Any idea on how to prevent the window from Maximizing if not?

Figure 1 - Script Events Manager


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