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Wed, Aug 2, 2017 3:17 PM


Photoshop entire window disappearing on MacBook Pro (newest edition)

Hard to pinpoint when it happens, but usually when using Command + H to hide the application, once I try to go back into Photoshop, the entire window no longer reappears. The top bar with File, Edit, etc. is up saying Photoshop is live, and the program does not say to Force Quit. I've tried every type of troubleshooting, from minimizing/ maximizing, all the shortcuts for hiding, etc, and all the view options from Photoshop itself. My coworkers also have this problem. When you quit the application, it still asks to save whatever documents are still open, but it won't show them, it simply shows the desktop background and a popup for saving appears. The only solution thus far is to quit Photoshop and reopen. 

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