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Tue, Nov 11, 2014 9:37 AM


Photoshop: Ellipse guides and rulers

It would be extremely helpful to have tools like the ellipse guides and rulers that work more like in the real world, similar to Artrage, Clip studio paint and Sketchbook Pro (for example 10 seconds into this:

Having the possibility to regulate pen pressure while having the trajectory of the brush locked to an ellipse guide or ruler would make a huge improvement to the current Photoshop drawing workflow.

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Photoshop: Enhance guides to allow angled/perspective guides


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6 years ago


this is the one main feature i have to go back and forth between sketchbook and photoshop

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5 years ago


Came here to request this exact feature. A variety of rulers for drawing curves, angled lines, and even a variety of vector shapes would be a huge help.