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Tue, Feb 18, 2020 12:27 PM


Photoshop: Duplicate font style layer

This should work in the same way that the copy and paste layer style should work in that when you have a font layer and you have tweaked the leading/tracking/size/scaling/baseline etc, you should be able to copy that info' and paste it into another font layer - effectively named the font layer style. 

I know photoshop isn't known for its ability to work with writing but some designers have no choice. 

This would be a huge timesaver for me personally but could imagine it benefitting a lot of other people too! If it exists someone please point me in the direction where I can have this function!




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1 y ago

Are you familiar with the Character Styles and Paragraph Styles Panels? 

Creating a Style and applying it may not feel quite the same as copy/pasting the type parameters but the it should work out to the same result essentially. 

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1 y ago

I would recommend using Paragraph Styles.  Those allow you to set everything, but also allow you to have another layer of overrides if you want them (so a base style, with modifiers such as link, emphasis, title, etc).  You can still due manual overrides as well.  If you do not see the style you believe you should, check the panel -- typically you'll have a + showing that there's a collision of overrides that need to be cleared.

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