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Thu, May 10, 2018 4:22 PM

Photoshop: Doesn't open any file, it says that it can't find the file even thought photo is obviously on the PC, what can I do?


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2 years ago

Is this something that just started?  For example, you could open files as expected yesterday and today you're encountering the issue?

The first thing that I can think of is that you might be selecting a shortcut that's no longer linked to the original file, but that's just a guess.

Do other applications open the files?  For example, can you open JPEG files in a web browser or Windows Photo Viewer (if on Windows) or Apple Preview (if on Mac)?

// Warren Heaton, ACP/UGM/AEL

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2 years ago

We need more information. Mac or Windows? How are you trying to open these files (File->Open, From Bridge or Lightroom, double-click, Recent Items?) and where are they located? What has changed on your computer since it last worked? Is this all files that fail or just some?

Adobe Administrator


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2 years ago

Hey Rebecca,

Are you still having this problem?  How are you trying to open the file?  What do you see in your OS's browser?  What do you see in Photoshop?  And what version of both of those are we talking about?