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Fri, Apr 1, 2011 5:16 PM

Photoshop: Document jumps back in history while/after saving

Having issue while saving. Photoshop CS5 on new iMac, Snow Leopard OS X. If, while saving (mouse icon wheel is spinning) to a network drive, I CMD+Tab to another program, when I return to PS, the document finishes saving and then jumps back some number of states in the document history. A quick CMD+Z undoes the state change. Reproduceable almost every time. Not sure if the doc is jumping back to previously saved state, or some random number of states.


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9 years ago

Please do not save files over a network from Photoshop. Save the files locally and then move them to the network location. This is the only way to guarantee the files will save correctly. For more information, please review KB406793 for futher details.