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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 7:38 PM

Photoshop: Disable "Save as copy" being checked by default when saving as .pdf files

Whenever I open a .jpeg and "Save As" either through keyboard shortcut or file menu, then change the format to .PDF, the "As a Copy" box becomes checked. To ensure that the active file switches to the .PDF I saved, I have to make sure to uncheck this box. 

I don't believe this behavior was in older versions of Photoshop, because saving .jpgs as .PDFs is a large part of my workflow, and I never had to touch the "As a Copy" checkbox before. 

This behavior of automatically ticking the "As a Copy" box when saving as .PDF should removed, or a preference added to disable it. 

MacOS version is Mojave 10.14
Photoshop version is 21.0.2



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