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Fri, Jan 12, 2018 2:38 PM


Photoshop: Different mouse buttons should select different tool alternatives (e.g. add/remove mask)

Currently, in order to select a tools variant, the user keeps the key pressed when clicking the left mouse button.

For instance, to select the "remove from mask" variant of the Quick Mask tool, keep the key pressed, then click the left mouse button while holding down the key.

It would be much easier, quicker and efficient to select a tool's variant by just clicking a different mouse button.

I know, Mac users only have a single mouse button, but we PC users commonly have three of them.

So I suggest to add a new option to Photoshop (using a dropdown menu to select one of the following items from). This new option is supposed to offer three different choices for having PhotoShop apply a tool variant:

  • key
  • Middle mouse button
  • Right mouse button

So, for instance, if the option "Middle mouse button" was selected by the user, whenever he/she clicks the middle mouse button while the Quick Mask tool is active, "remove from mask" gets executed.

Please note: If the option "Right mouse button" gets selected by the user, the canvas' context menu functionality would need to be disabled by PhotoShop. So, to regain context menu functionality for the canvas, keeping the pressed while clicking the right mouse button should reveal the canvas context menu then.


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