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Fri, May 31, 2019 11:05 AM

Photoshop: Detailed history of the settings of a photo

does exist a detailed history of the settings of a photo ?
I have a photo and I add some settings like : light, brightness, contrast, light and dark tone.
How can I retrieve these precisely settings.
I have found "History" window, but there is no value shown and it just makes appear or disappear the settings.
Why allow an history whithout value ?
If my request it's not possible, could you please put this in an Idea for the next update ? 

Is it possible to reuse a list of settings for an other photo ?




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2 years ago

You may want to start working non-destructively (in this case applying Adjustments as Adjustment Layers or Smart Filters).
That way Adjustments can be assessed later on or edited without unnecessarily increased image degradation. 

For pure documentation please check out Photoshop > Preferences > History Log. 

And again: Posting screenshots might help illustrate what you are talking about. 

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2 years ago

If you put the image into Ligtroom and edit it there, the catalog will hold a saved history of all the settings. Also, in there, you can make a copy of the settings and then apply that to any number of images. I use Windows and keyboard shortcuts; in that context, to copy the settings, shift-control-C (you get a dialog where you can select which settings you wish to copy); to paste them onto a different image (or group selected within the Library module), shift-control-V.