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Wed, May 22, 2019 3:33 PM

Photoshop: Default TIFF save options to be Save transparency ON


Currently, while saving an image containing transparency as a TIFF, save options have Save transparency OFF by default. This is a plea to change this default to ON:

I know that after turning it ON, there is a warning that many apps do not support TIFFs with transparency. This, while not my experience, may well be true. But current situation leads to, what I believe, more serious problems:
– InDesign and other apps able to only read the composite layer, won’t see transparency that Photoshop can see
– it is impossible to properly support those TIFF files: one can try to merge the layers via apps that see them, but there will always be a new Photoshop-only feature that will render the compositioning wrong (eg. Adjustment layers)
– Adobe, ImageMagick forums and the whole wide Internetz are full of people running into problems created by this old deafult, and while not ideal, and much too late, I think changing it would benefit everybody.

Some links:
and gazillion of others.

Alternatively, could Adobe opensource its compositioning engine, so that merging live layers could be canonically correct ;-)




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a year ago

Yes, in the last version of Photoshop I had save transparency as the default and it was much I cant figure out how to make it the default again...frustrating.