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Mon, Jun 11, 2012 2:37 PM


Photoshop: Custom sample text for typefaces menu.

It would be great if a text field is added to the top of the typefaces menu, so you can type your own text to preview your fonts in, instead of the word 'sample'.

An idea worth considering...?

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8 years ago

It would be so wonderful in CS6 if I could change the word SAMPLE in the font preview window to whatever I'm working on. For example if I'm looking for the old school 'g' with a bubble on the bottom, I could just type 'g' in a field near the font title and all the previews would change to this. It would save loads of time looking for the right font. The word Sample is just not cutting it. Sometimes I want to see other capital letters besides S.

I really thought this was probably already an option and I just hadn't figured out the secret shortcut to do it. But after an extensive 'how to' search I came up with nothing except many others wanting to know the same thing.

Thanks for your hard work!
CS6 fan

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PS6 Add ability to change the font preview text from SAMPLE to whatever you like..