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Fri, Apr 29, 2011 12:56 AM


Photoshop: Custom Guides (groupable, colorable, nameable guides)

Hi! I've been thinking this for quite a while, and I know most of the web designers out there have the same need... groupable, colorable, nameable guides.

It's important to use guides. But sometimes it gets a little messy.

What would be perfect is if guides had their own layer-style format. And each group, or layer, had an asigned color. You could turn on and off visibility of specific groups, or just turn them all off by hitting cmd + H, as we do today.

This would make photoshop THE perfect software for web design.


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2 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Group guides in Photoshop.

While designing a layout, is common to group layers and move groups, if the guides you select are inside a particular group you can continue the design after adjusting the canvas size, for example while designing a web site.

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It would be much better you posted images illustrating that you want to say. For now it's hard for me to imagine how that should be looking you wish to have in Photoshop...

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a year ago

sorry to come late in the chat.

Form me, groups layer with colors is a good idea, but having dozen of new layers in the layers control panel suns not great (even if they should be hidden by layer filters panel).

A new tool for guides could be interesting.
Guide selection, change color on right click so group them by the way. Remove by delete key once selected.

Anyway if to much guides are needed, it's time to go on inDesign ! :)

But I came here for a different reason, concerning guides too.

Is there a way to have main guides : guides over all artboards ?