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Mon, Dec 30, 2019 9:10 PM

Photoshop cursor disappearing

Running both Photoshop CS5 and 2020 on a Macbook Pro with High Sierra. The cursor outline for brush, eraser and healing brush totally disappears in the mid-tone ranges when using 2020. Yet, in CS5, the cursor works fine.

Spent quite some time with Adobe support (even using screen sharing) to resolve the problem but could not find an answer. Tried resetting prefs and graphics to no avail. Adobe support is looking into this but have not heard back yet.

Hopefully someone has found a solution for this.

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Photoshop: Make the brush cursor easier to see (too thin, not enough contrast with some colors)


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2 y ago

I've seen this too. It is really annoying. I totally lose the cursor all the time now. It seems to be averaging the tones and changing quickly as you move the cursor. I guess it is kind of "fancy" to do that from a programming sense but I'd prefer just a nice white brush on darker backgrounds and a black on one whiter ones.