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Fri, Apr 6, 2012 5:29 AM



Photoshop: CS6: Crop Tool needs option for old version behavior

beta version of Photoshop CS6 showed many advantages. In particular improved load speeds that many files at once from version CS2 to CS5 can not be achieved. However, In respect of technicians in high-speed scaling the new crop tools are difficult to carry out this work the best. So to add to the toolbox as a tool to crop the previous version. Contact Sheet should also add color profile option can be used printer's color profile to convert color profile is not changed color. Several small glass appreciate your comments its consideration. Thanks a lot


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9 years ago

With the crop tool active, select the 'gear' icon from the options bar.
You will then see an option to use the crop tool in 'classic mode'.

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8 years ago

"classic mode" does NOT function the same way the crop tool did in CS5.

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8 years ago

Hi Photoshop,

I noticed that you classed the other question about the crop tool as answered.

Even though you did not answer the question in any way.

Now several functions have changed and the "Classic" option still does not behave as it used to.

So Photoshop can you please make a patch so that the "Classic" tool revets the tool so that is does work as the old "classic" tool did.
including putting back the dpi option.


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Change of the crop Tool.

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7 years ago

The crop tool in CS6 is a joke. A job that should have taken a few minutes took over two hours. I have installed CS4 just for cropping absolutely pathetic that we have to switch software to "correct" Adobe's mistake. It also shows that you could care less about what your users think as this has not been fixed yet.