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Wed, Jan 31, 2018 11:04 PM

Photoshop CS6: Can't select "file" menu options in photoshop

Hey all, having an issue recently where if I click on the file menu at the top the options drop down (so all the basic New, Open, etc), but as soon as I move the curser off the icon to try and select an option, the list randomly disappears and the "help" list drops down.

The edit, image, layer and all the others  fine, just the file option... I also use illustrator and that works normally, just photoshop that plays up. 

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and what I can do about it? This is with CS6 with the laptop trackpad turned off and external mouse.


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3 years ago

Howdy Andrew,

It sounds like some bug or incompatibility with your keyboard.  Try using an external (generic) keyboard with everything else disabled.  I bet it will go away.  It sounds like your keyboard might be getting additional input that you're not pressing.  Also, what OS are you running CS6 on?


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9 months ago

Hi folks - just started getting this issue myself, 2 years after this was posted. Elements 11, on Windows 10; whenever I use the mouse (regardless of by trackpad or external mouse/trackball) to select from the File or Edit menu, the menu selection jumps over to the "Help" menu selection instead. I can use the keyboard shortcuts to get to & use the File (and Edit) menus, but this issue is weird...