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Mon, Nov 10, 2014 9:36 AM


Photoshop: Creative library linked Smart Object for updating in all .psd docs

Hi everybody... I was pretty excited by the new Creative libraries. However it would be awesome if for example a smart object that i am editing directly from the library would update in all documents it is used.


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6 y ago

Yes, we are looking into this very thing. Stay tuned!

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5 y ago

So sad. That was 1 year ago. Or am i just to blind to find it?

I dont like it when CC creates just another group(...).psd when i edit a library element which i see as a behaviour failure. It under-performs. It even doesnt update the root library element. I like to think of these elements as they were in the flash library tool. That would be fantasic.

I see that the cloud system used for it as the main problem. Why you create and save a new psd from the library tool? Why not update the element in the cloud? I know team working would be problematic. But in the first place i cant know how i want my element to look. Even though i'd like to use the library as instances which i can change and update. Like a interconnected library which elements i use across other psds. I know the trouble a few and i had in flash back then but as usx-designer must know how much elements should be grouped/capsuled or not.

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