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Wed, Jun 14, 2017 1:16 AM

Photoshop Crashes When I Close a Document

Suddenly, Photoshop CS6 Extended crashes when I close a document. I've used the same Photoshop software on my same MacBook Pro for more than five years with no problem. The only changes have been the occasional updates.

Following a recommendation on this site, I deleted all Photoshop preferences (and even application support files) where they existed.

Returning to Photoshop, I opened a document and noticed it opened as part of the background instead of in a separate tab. I closed the document and it closed without incident. Eureka!

I went to Photoshop preferences to the Interface tab and checked the "Open Documents as Tabs" option. I opened the same document, it opened in a separate tab as desired, and then closed it. Photoshop crashed!

I repeated the process of deleting preferences, opening Photoshop, checking "Open Docs as Tabs" in preferences, opening a document and then closing it with a crash three or four times to ensure I could replicate the crash using those same steps. I could. When I removed the "Tabs" option and closed my document from the gray background, it closed without incident.

Since I prefer my documents in separate tabs, I need help. As I see it, these are the questions:
  1. Why did this happen out of the blue after Photoshop worked perfectly for many years?
  2. Why does Photoshop crash when I close a document that was opened in a separate tab?
  3. And, why does Photoshop not crash when I don't open my documents in separate tabs?
I'm hoping my detective work might help someone isolate the problem so I can return to opening and closing my documents from separate tabs without a crash.

Thank you.


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