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Wed, Oct 31, 2018 11:18 AM

Photoshop: Convert to Smart Object when clipped to a shape

When I have an image that is clipped to a shape in the layer below, if I go to convert the image to a smart object, the image unclips from the shape.

This is a procedure I do most days at work when working with web-layout templates and has only started occurring after the most recent update to CC 20.0.0.

Not a big deal I know, but when it's something I do multiple times per hour it becomes a little frustrating.


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2 years ago

Yes, it would be great if there was a “Maintain Layer Clipping Group” option when converting to Layers in Clipping Groups Smart Objects.

// Warren Heaton, ACP/UGM/AEL

Adobe Administrator


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2 years ago

Are you converting a single layer to a smart object or several layers to a single smart object? The only way I can reproduce this is with multiple layers, in which case the top layer is the 'most selected' and inherits its position.

Provide a screen cap of what you're seeing if you're seeing something different.

Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Digital Imaging