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Sun, Apr 29, 2018 11:55 PM


Photoshop: Contextual Toolbar wheel

With this post, I would like to add a suggestion.

It would be nice if users could have the option to select another toolbar. 
The new toolbar, or we can call it a "tool wheel", should be hidden always.

When the user presses a key like for example the "alt-key", the wheel should become visible, allowing the user to select another tool. When the user hovers the mouse over an icon, the icon tree should expand, making all icons in the same category visible. The user then can select the preferred icon.
When the user releases the hot key, the wheel should become hidden again.

Some other applications uses this wheel concept and I'm really loving it...


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3 y ago

That's a great idea. May I suggest a slight performance boost? ok, thanks. If there is only one item in the slideout selection menu, it would be nice if we could just click the main icon, because the mouse is already there, rather than have to move the mouse into the slideout area to pick the only item in that list. And if there are multiple items in the slideout area, clicking the main icon could re-select the previously-used tool from that set, so we could switch between the most recently used tools quickly wthout waiting or caring about the slideout menu unless we wanted a different tool from that set.

And of course it might be best if Adobe fixed the current problems before embarking on new ones, but this is a good suggestion if they're looking for a distraction. Three cheers.