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Thu, Sep 6, 2018 9:59 PM


Photoshop: Command to "set transform anchor to centre of canvas"

When initiating Transform the anchor is positioned at the centre of the overall object. An option to move it to the centre of the canvas would be very useful.


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2 years ago

I'm trying to see what exactly you're trying to accomplish. You can already move the center anchor anywhere if you want to transform in relation to that point, not move the center of the object over the center of the document. You just have to set up guides first, and you can make an action that will do that for you.

You can  select a  layer and the object if the object is encompassed within the document-sized layer, and use the align options if you want the center of the object to be in the center of the document.  This will work so long as none of the object you're trying to move is outside the document with a non-Background layer.

I haven't recorded an action to do the following, but Julienne Kost gives us this:

"To quickly set guides in the center of any size and/or resolution Photoshop document, set the Preferences for  Units & Rulers to Percentage, show your Rulers (Command (Mac) / Control (Win) + R), and record an action dragging guides to the 50%  marks. (You can also select View > New Guide to place the guide at the 50% mark instead of dragging it out from the rulers.)" 

I have needed it so seldom, I've just dragged the guides out manually to the center position, but after that, you can use snapping to easily drag the object you're transforming to the center point no matter if the object is hanging off the edge of the document or not.

Does any of this cover what you want? If not, could you describe what you need more fully?

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2 years ago

So after you choose 'Edit / Free Tansform' you want to move anchor (that thing in center of current layer) to center of document (canvas). Actually you can do it manually right after activating layer transformation, can't you? Post screenshot from before/after the result so we can understand you...