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Thu, Dec 21, 2017 8:48 AM


Photoshop Column View option for Folders

I often use lots of layers and folders in my work. However it can be annoying and a little disorienting to have to scroll up and down a long list of open folders in the layers palette. Because of this i'm constantly opening and closing folders so that the layers palette looks visually simpler and focus on what i need. Even on a highres display it's easy to lose sight of where a layer sits within a folder hierarchy because you can only show so many layers in the palette. By the way, i'm aware that there's a shortcut to close all open folders, which helps a bit but isn't ideal.

I'd love it if photoshop had a palette option that would give me at least one more column in the layers palette to display layers inside of a selected folder. This would make it visually simpler because it's more likely that your list of layers and folders will fit within the palette without having to scroll at all. Because of that it would also be easier to drag and drop layers to different folders without having to do the annoying slow-scroll at the bottom/top of the palette while dragging the layer. It would actually be great to have the option of either selecting the folder and having its contents be displayed in the second column, or clicking the arrow and having it display dropped-down in the first column.

Challenges to this would be:

- What happens with nested folders? Would they just open like the current photoshop layers palette in the second column? Or could more columns dynamically load. 

- How to drag a layer that's inside a folder to a nested folder within another completely different folder (sorry if this sounds confusing!). Because with a column view the contents of a folder are not shown until the parent folder is selected. On a mac in Finder, this is accomplished by simply dragging a file and hovering over a folder until it opens giving you further options inside the folder.

I've attached this picture which hopefully explains it better!


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3 years ago

I am student and start to learn Photoshop online. I have learned many things like how layer selection. How to fill foreground and background color and many other option. This option which you have shared here Photoshop Column View option for Folders this is new for me. Normally I am doing my  content writing websites design from this software. I am learning more day by day from online with the help of YouTube. YouTube is my best teacher and friend.

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16 days ago

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