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Tue, Jan 29, 2019 9:54 AM

Photoshop: Colour matching problems with PNG and Tiff files

I have two images open in photoshop cc, one is a tiff file and one is a png. I am trying to match the colours of both images but they are coming out completely different to each other. How do I make sure all colours are correct?


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2 y ago

Hello, did you get an answer that solved your problem with colors? I have other issues too, but that is for another post. Okay, I 'think' depending on the specific color and/or  the saved format(s) like tiff or png the colors themselves are not supported between one or the other. I tried a test on some basic color matrix that I found on the web and could not prove that, but your colors maybe very specific. I did find this link that can describe your issue in more detail.


Can you use a different format? Anyway, Good Luck!



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2 y ago

Make sure both images are using the same color profile: edit/convert to profile/sRGB.