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Wed, Jul 3, 2019 5:26 PM


Photoshop: Close PS window when last image closed

Akash Sharma on staff with Adobe requested I put this idea here. 

I would really like to have the option of when you close your last open file in Photoshop CC that the Photoshop window also closed revealing the desktop behind. This is how it used to work pre Photoshop CC. I almost always have more need of my desktop when I close my last file than the Photoshop home screen or the empty Photoshop window if the home screen is disabled in the preferences. For those on a single screen or lacking screen real estate, it might also be nice to have Bridge revealed instead of the Photoshop window. Just a thought.

Greg Miller
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2 y ago

Well, I could probably get used to it, but once again I'd prefer to be able to choose what happened. I more often intend to drag a new file into the document window than have any need to see my desktop. I can see my dock easily enough for almost anything I'll next use, if it isn't going to be PS.

I don't have a problem clicking the X to minimize it to the dock (Mac), or using the kbsc, either, if I don't want it, anymore than I find it problematic to click on Bridge or the Finder in the dock to bring it back to the front on top of an open PS.

So in the long run, if I lose the open document window every time and am staring at my desktop, I lose a bit of flexibility, and it's more difficult (especially when I'm using the touch pad for my MBP rather than my stylus), to drag a file from the Finder OR Bridge onto the PS dock icon. Whether or not double-click opens the file in PS depends upon File Associations, and I have different ones set up for Finder vs Bridge.

If you're on Windows, maybe what you want does more for you than it would for me on a Mac. . .???

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2 y ago

I can't stand the document frame or tabs. UGH. Adobe needs to allow the same UI on Windows as the Mac. Using Windows is already a sucky bundle of frustration and rage, this is just one more thing that makes it worse.



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2 y ago

As a recent switcher to Windows, i hate not being able to work without an application frame! As far as i know, this is an issue with Windows, not Adobe. It's one of a million things which Microsoft does very poorly with regards to their OS.