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Tue, Feb 18, 2020 4:46 AM

Photoshop: Clone Stamp Tool working incorrectly

For the Photoshop CC 21.0.3 version the "Clone Stamp" tool does not work correctly. I can select the source easily enough, however, it always "cuts off" the stamp before it should. Version 20.0.8 works properly. The newer one has...Issues. Why does this happen? Is there a difference in using it between the two versions?


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1 y ago

Hello Angel,  I hope I'm not being impolite or discourteous, but I had funny problems with the clone stamp and its relatives with older versions until I understood how layers work.  Are you sure you are using CC 21. and CC 20. with exactly the same file, with exactly the same layers, etc.  And doing your replacement at exactly the same place.  Oh.  Selections can also cause the tools to appear to be misbehaving too.  They'll happily select pixels outside the selection but will paste them only inside it, causing round brushes to appear to have a chunk sliced off.

Maybe you'll be lucky.  Maybe not. 



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1 y ago

Could you please post screenshots with the pertinent Panels and the Options Bar visible to illustrate the effect?