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Fri, Apr 1, 2011 7:17 PM


Photoshop: Clone Stamp tool: Ability to select rotation point for source when using Clone Stamp

Rotation point selection for Clone Stamp tool

I would like to be able to pick a point that my clone source rotates around when using the Clone Stamp tool.
It would work similar to how you can pick a rotation point with the Transform tool.


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10 years ago

I would like to add to the idea with a mirror option. Put it in the clone source panel where the other cool clone variables are. For the record, Aldus Photostyler had this feature back in the '80's. Adobe bought them, and I expected to see it right away, but alas.

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9 years ago

Jerry, If I understand correctly to your addition - you'd like to be able to 'mirror-clone' the sampled image. This can be done in Clone Source dialog box.

See the image attached here.