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Wed, Oct 17, 2018 10:19 AM

Photoshop CC v20 VISIBILITY BUG, semi transparent vector forms and pixel mask. Good job, Adobe!

I started to work with the new version on some UI for our web shop. I wondered why my path forms have strange semi transparent edges, as soon as I was trying to mask them. I searched a few minutes for any object that could possibly obstruct my form. Until I realized there was nothing in the way and it's just a brand new super exciting bug brought to you by Adobe.

Here is the thing, if you want to avoid this you have to give every single pixel mask a soft edge minimum of 0,1px! All the visibility issues should go away.

Here are examples:
1.) no mask, just two transparent path forms
2.) one dot in the mask... doesn't look like a dot
3.) somehow the second mask effects the third rectangular form on the bottom as well, that second dot is a new one, btw

This issue effects not only the artboard I'm currently working on, it transfers over to other  artboards! Doesn't matter how much artboards are in between.

I only tested it with artboards since this was my situation at this point. But it seems the problem doesn't occur with one single canvas.

Hopefully I don't need to mention that this is breaking quick results right now.


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2 years ago

Try checking "Legacy Compositing" under Preferences > Performance. Then restart Photoshop and see if that helps alleviate things.